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    Welcome to Hebei Duanxing Gas Machinery Co., Ltd!

    Consulting service

    What we need to do is not only to provide products, product equipments and services for customers, PSA has a professional team, responsible for product development and sales consultation, Duanxing company has product engineers, installation engineers and sales engineers, to meet your various requirements of consultation, so that you can understand the various knowledge of your hospital medical oxygen system without leaving home.

    conceptual design
    PSA professional team has experience in installation and application of equipment in major hospital oxygen production center. Duanxing company provides solutions to various requirements of new customers. If you have technical requirements, we will provide solutions for you.

    After-sale service

    The company has a professional knowledge, can solve the problem of engineering and technical personnel composed of after-sales service department, at any time and anywhere to provide you with after-sales service, whether during or outside the warranty period, maintenance personnel will rush to the scene, your equipment for troubleshooting, troubleshooting, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
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