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    Welcome to Hebei Duanxing Gas Machinery Co., Ltd!

    HeBei DuanXing Gas Machinery CO.,LTD.

    Number of clicks:11092019-06-27 09:22:27 Source: 制氧機-低溫液體泵-天然氣設備-河北端星氣體機械有限公司

        Duanxing  Gas  Machinery co., LTD in Hebei is gas equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating production and science research,which covers  an area of 48,000 square meters. Our company has a modern management mode and Garden style factory .For three decades, the superior product quality getting widely  praise and trust at  home and abroad has endowed our company with high visibility. Our products such as air of air separation equipment, PSA oxygen—production equipment, PSA nitrogen--production equipment , oxygen---supply equipment of medical center, acetylene dissolving equipment, cryogenic liquid has been sold all over the world. Our company is the largest  enterprise  producing   medical oxygen equipment  in the north

    Our company obtained the first international GC1-- level pressure ofpressure pipe installation license, ISO9000 quality system authen—tication, medical equipment manufacturing license,.and with independent foreign trade and export qualifications. Xichang satellite launch center, China will adopt the products of our company in the early 1990 s, contributing to the asia-pacific a satellite launch, and received recognition; Beijing 301 hospital, Beijing fuwai cardiovascular hospital and so on all use the oxygen to our medical center equipment; China aerospace industry corporation 511 my company's products are used in space simulation experiment base; The world outstanding chinesebusinessman association accepted my company for the enterprise of "the most investment projects; In the great hall of the people to get state leaders and the head of the company had a cordial meeting with and recognition.

    So far, my company with Shanghai jiaotong university, dalian university of technology, Beijing university of science and technology, such as kaifeng air separation are joint development of new project of gases.

    Company through continuous improvement has won the domestic and foreign general medical oxygen industry user's trust, the state and the government's strong support, to ensure that the company has a good vision of development, we are looking forward to your visit and patronage.

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