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    Operating Rules of Decompression Prying

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    1. Before each use, check the status of instruments and indicators on the central console, hot water and compressed air parameters and equipment operation, site process and valve position. After all the above checks are normal, open the unloading valve, the main inlet valve, press the down-field start button, and the pressure regulating device is put into normal use.
    2. When shutdown is normal, close the unloading valve, the main inlet valve and press the shutdown button. Close all relevant valves and auxiliary equipment according to process requirements, and take into account the drainage of hot water system and power failure of electrical system when necessary. The voltage regulating device is in standby state of shutdown.
    3. When the CNG device is abnormal, the self-protection system will automatically close the emergency shutoff valve and alarm the central control room with acoustooptic signals. After human intervention or automatic elimination of abnormal situation, it can be restarted according to normal start-up steps. At any time, as long as any abnormal situation exists, such as high pressure at all levels and low temperature of heat exchanger backwater, the pressure regulating device is forced to shut down until the abnormal cause is found and eliminated, it may be reused.
    4. The central control room and the scene are also equipped with several emergency stop buttons for use in case of emergency parking under any circumstances.
    5. Although the CNG device has the function of preventing the impact of medium airflow, it should be noted that the opening and closing speed of each manual valve should not be too fast in use.
    6. Regular inspection and truthful records should be made in order to ensure stable operation. During the inspection, we should observe the indoor instruments, indicator lights, outdoor instruments, indicator lights, operating noise, dynamic and static sealing points, etc.
    7. Open and close the valves regularly, check the opening and closing flexibility, and add lubricating grease.
    8. Check and test instrument control system and self-protection interlocking system regularly. The measuring and display instruments should be calibrated regularly according to the relevant measurement regulations.
    9. Regular subchannel maintenance. After maintenance, construction acceptance shall be carried out according to the requirements of relevant specifications before it can be put into use.
    I. Maintenance and Inspection
    1. Matters needing attention in maintenance:
    Professionals are required to maintain and clean up.
    (1) When using power supply or open fire during maintenance operation, it is necessary to confirm that there is no gas leakage or gas detention around the CNG device. The gas in the CNG device and the piping needs nitrogen to be converted.
    (2) When the piping needs to be removed, the discharge of internal gas should be reminded.
    (3) When conducting electrical maintenance and replacing electrical fittings, the power supply must be cut off first.
    (4) Replacement should be carried out after maintenance, and all preparations for restarting the voltage regulator should be made. The specific items are as follows:
    A. Air tightness test, and check each interface with soap water, flange and other leakage.
    B. Start the decompression station according to the gas supply procedure.
    2. Daily inspection
    (1) Check whether the device is normal.
    (2) Check whether the pressure of natural gas system is stable.
    (3) Check the temperature of natural gas and observe whether there is frost in each pipeline.
    (4) Detection of outlet pressure.
    (5) Check the leakage of each interface.
    (6) Check whether the heat transfer temperature in the heat exchanger is normal.
    3. Regular inspection items
    (1) One month
    A. Check whether the wiring inside the console is loose (power must be cut off when checking).
    B. Check whether there is leakage in each interface.
    (2) One year
    A. Annual inspection of pressure gauges.
    B. Inspection of grounding resistance of equipment body and central console.
    C. Insulation inspection of electrical connection.
    (3) Two-year period
    In addition to inspecting according to the contents of one-year period, some vulnerable parts should be replaced according to the operation conditions, so as to prolong the service life of the decompression station and reduce the failure.
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