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    Safety Technical Requirements for Carbon Dioxide Crackers

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    Scope 1
    This document is applicable to the safety label management of carbon dioxide crackers (hereinafter referred to as crackers). It specifies the name of crackers, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, transportation, storage and safe use requirements.
    This document is formulated with reference to the expert's opinions on safety technology of liquid carbon dioxide phase change cracking equipment used in coal mines.
    2 Normative Reference Documents
    The following documents are essential for the application of this document. Where a reference document is dated, only the version of the date indicated applies to this document. The latest version (including all amendments) of undated reference documents is applicable to this document.
    GB 3836.1 Explosive Environment Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment
    GB 3836.4 Explosive environment Part 4: Equipment protected by intrinsically safe "i"
    Industrial liquid carbon dioxide GB/T 6052-2011
    Classification and Name Number of Dangerous Goods GB 6944
    GB 7958-2000 Capacitive Exploder for Coal Mine
    GB 8031-2005 Industrial Electric Detonator
    GB/T 9969 Instructions for the Use of Industrial Products
    GB 12463 General Technical Conditions for Transport and Packaging of Dangerous Goods
    Classification Method for Transport Packaging of Dangerous Goods GB/T 15098
    Coal Mine Safety Regulations
    Safety Regulations for Underground Blasting Operation in Coal Mines
    Terms and definitions
    The following terms and definitions apply to this requirement.
    3.1 Carbon dioxide cracker
    It is composed of filling valves, heating devices, liquid storage pipes, and energy releasers. When the liquid carbon dioxide is used to absorb heat and gasify phase change, the volume expands sharply to produce high pressure, which results in the cracking or breaking of coal and rock mass and the equipment of increasing permeability.
    3.2 Liquid Storage Pipe
    High pressure tubular container made of high strength alloy steel.
    3.3 Heating Device
    It is composed of starter, heating material, protective cover or bracket, which provides heat energy for gasification of liquid carbon dioxide in the liquid storage tube of cracker.
    3.4 Starter
    It consists of two insulating foot wires, fuses and primers, which are used to ignite the devices of heating materials.
    3.5 Fever Material
    Chemical reagent solid powder prepared from several chemical raw materials.
    3.6 Drug Introduction
    A chemical solid material placed inside the starter.
    3.7 transducer
    In order to satisfy the requirements of cracking, fragmentation and permeability enhancement of different ore bodies, devices are installed in crackers to limit pressure relief. Usually it consists of constant pressure shear and release tube.
    3.8 relief pressure
    The maximum pressure of carbon dioxide released when the constant pressure shear fragment in the cracker is broken.
    4 Names, Models, Structures and Basic Parameters
    4.1 Name Model
    4.1.1 Product Name: Carbon dioxide cracker.
    4.1.2 Product Model Representation Method
    4.2 Main Technical Indicators
    4.2.1 Leakage pressure shall not exceed 280 MPa.
    4.2.2 The volume of the reservoir should be no more than 5L.
    4.2.3 The maximum design filling pressure of carbon dioxide should not exceed 50 MPa.
    4.3 Product Structure
    Crackers are generally composed of filling valves, heating devices, liquid storage pipes, energy releasers, etc. The structure is shown in Figure 1.
    1-Filling Valve 2-Heating Device 3-Storage Pipe
    4 (1) - constant pressure shear 4 (2) - cutting ring 4 (3) - release tube
    Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of cracker structure
    4.4 Basic parameters
    The following basic parameters should be given in the product technical documents, and the limit value of main technical indicators should meet the requirements of Article 4.2.
    Table 1 Basic parameter table
    Main technical parameters
    Outer Diameter of Storage Pipe (mm)
    Length of reservoir pipe (mm)
    Reservoir Tube Volume (L)
    Constant pressure shear thickness (mm)
    Relief pressure (MPa)
    Specification type/quality of heating material (g)
    Carbon dioxide charge (g)
    Maximum Design Filling Pressure for Carbon Dioxide (MPa)
    5 Requirements
    5.1 Environmental Conditions
    5.1.1 Working Environment
    (a) Atmospheric pressure: 80 kPa-106 kPa;
    B) ambient temperature: 0 35 C;
    (c) The place of blasting specified in the Safety Regulations for Coal Mines.
    5.1.2 Storage and transportation ambient temperature: <35 C.
    5.2 Technical Requirements
    5.2.1 Basic Requirements
    (a) Technical documents and drawings approved in accordance with specified procedures shall be manufactured without obvious scratches, corrosion and visible cracks to the naked eye.
    B) Light alloys are strictly prohibited for exposed parts.
    C) The liquid storage pipe should be made of high strength alloy steel.
    5.2.2 Structural Requirements
    (a) The structure of the discharge device shall enable the high-pressure carbon dioxide in the liquid storage tube to be fully released after reaching the discharge pressure.
    B) The tube can not be used as a conductive circuit.
    5.2.3 Performance Requirements
    A) Sealability. After the whole assembly, it should be able to withstand 1.5 times the maximum design filling pressure without leakage.
    B) Pressure bearing capacity. The inner part of the sealing chamber consisting of liquid storage pipe, filling valve and relief device (except constant pressure shear piece) should be able to withstand 1.8 times of relief pressure without plastic deformation.
    C) Release pressure. Permissible error range: +15 MPa.
    D) Surface temperature. The maximum surface temperature of the shell shall not exceed 150 C.
    E) The filled liquid carbon dioxide shall meet the requirements of GB/T 6052-2011.
    F) Equipment supplying power for starter shall obtain certificate of safety mark of mine products. When using coal mine permitted explosive device as power supply for starter, the safe power supply time of explosive device should also meet the requirements of Article 5.9 of GB 7958-2000; when using other power supply for starter, the power supply should also meet the requirements of GB 3836.1 and GB 3836.4.
    G) Heating device. The length, resistance, seismic performance, safety current, minimum ignition current and electrostatic sensitivity of the foot wire shall comply with GB 8031-2005 regulations 5.2, 5.4.1, 5.4.2, 5.4.3, 5.4.4 and 5.4.7.
    H) Flammable gas safety. Combustible gas with 9.0% cracker concentration
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